Active Directory

Group Policy Management:

>> Run > gpmc.msc
>> Administrative Tools > Group Policy Management
In server 2008 all security is controlled through the Local Security Policy (becomes disabled when a server is promoted as a domain controller).
To enable changes to the Local Security Policy:
>> Run > gpmc.msc
>> Administrative Tools > Group Policy Management > Domains\Current Domain Name\Group Policy objects\Default Domain Controllers Policy…
…> right-click Default Domain Controllers Policy > Edit
…> go to Computer Configuration/Policies/Windows Settings/Security Settings/Account Policies/Password Policy = modify settings

Local User Profile:

To migrate:
[Third part tools]
[Files and Settings Transfer Wizard]
[User State Migration tool – USMT];en-us;321197
User State Migration tool includes two program files (ScanState.exe + LoadState.exe) located on the Windows XP CD-ROM in the Valueadd\Msft\Usmt folder.
ScanState.exe collects user data and settings from Migapp.inf, Migsys.inf, Miguser.inf and Sysfiles.inf (additional .inf files for additional migration requirements can be created)
With no modification to the default settings, the User State Migration tool migrates:

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer settings
  • Microsoft Outlook & Outlook Express settings and stores
  • Dial-up connections
  • Phone and modem options
  • Accessibility options
  • Classic desktop
  • Screen saver selection
  • Fonts
  • Folder options
  • Taskbar settings
  • Mouse and keyboard settings
  • Sound settings
  • Regional options
  • Microsoft Office settings
  • Network drives and printers
  • My Documents folder
  • My Pictures folder
  • Cookies folder

You can modify the information that is included in the state that ScanState.exe collects. You can configure the tool to collect or leave specified files, folders, registry entries, or registry subtrees.

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