ac dd-Content
asnp dd-PSSnapin
clc lear-Content
cli lear-Item
clp lear-ItemProperty
clv lear-Variable
cpi opy-Item
cpp opy-ItemProperty
cvpa onvert-Path
diff ompare-Object
epal xport-Alias
epcsv xport-Csv
fc ormat-Custom
fl ormat-List
foreach orEach-Object
% orEach-Object
ft ormat-Table
fw ormat-Wide
gal et-Alias
gc et-Content
gci et-ChildItem
gcm et-Command
gdr et-PSDrive
ghy et-History
gi et-Item
gl et-Location
gm et-Member
gp et-ItemProperty
gps et-Process
group roup-Object
gsv et-Service
gsnp et-PSSnapin
gu et-Unique
gv et-Variable
gwmi et-WmiObject
iex nvoke-Expression
ihy nvoke-History
ii nvoke-Item
ipal mport-Alias
ipcsv mport-Csv
mi ove-Item
mp ove-ItemProperty
nal ew-Alias
ndr ew-PSDrive
ni ew-Item
nv ew-Variable
oh ut-Host
rdr emove-PSDrive
ri emove-Item
rni ename-Item
rnp ename-ItemProperty
rp emove-ItemProperty
rsnp emove-PSSnapin
rv emove-Variable
rvpa esolve-Path
sal et-Alias
sasv tart-Service
sc et-Content
select elect-Object
si et-Item
sl et-Location
sleep tart-Sleep
sort ort-Object
sp et-ItemProperty
spps top-Process
spsv top-Service
sv et-Variable
tee ee-Object
where Where-Object
? Where-Object
write Write-Output
cat et-Content
cd et-Location
clear lear-Host
cp opy-Item
h et-History
history et-History
kill top-Process
lp ut-Printer
ls et-ChildItem
mount ew-PSDrive
mv ove-Item
popd op-Location
ps et-Process
pushd ush-Location
pwd et-Location
r nvoke-History
rm emove-Item
rmdir emove-Item
echo Write-Output
cls lear-Host
chdir et-Location
copy opy-Item
del emove-Item
dir et-ChildItem
erase emove-Item
move ove-Item
rd emove-Item
ren ename-Item
set et-Variable
type et-Content

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