Data Backup

We partner with leading cloud backup providers like Evault, Intronis, Carbonite, and others.

Backup service plans start as low as $0.95 per gigabyte and can install it on multiple systems!

• Data is encrypted and backed up to online servers (spread out in multiple locations throughout the USA)
• Backup security meets HIPAA, SAS 70 type II, and other regulatory requirements. Among the customers are banks, payroll companies, and other institutions requiring government and military level security.
• Data remains continuously encrypted during over-the-wire transmissions (NIST certified 265-bit AES) and while in storage (NIST certified 128-bit AES).
• You are the only one who will have password protected access to your data.
• Available are different options for data retention.
• Backups are fully automated.
• The backup client can be installed on a server or/and individual PCs and laptops.
• You will have access to restore your data via a link right under the Computer window.

If you need a less expensive service, we offer plans through Carbonite and Mozy to backup your entire computer for only $59 per year.

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